E J Davis Aesthetics

Northeastern Install

This project came to us through BMF Media out of NYC. Our task was to bring to life a few ideas for a new student welcome center the would be engaging, fun and literally turn the dorm experience on it’s head.

We collaborated with BMF’s creative team on the final design and coordinated between the general contractor on site to make sure everything was built exactly to spec.

The initial piece of this three stage installation was referred to as a “NEON PORTAL”. This illuminated arched doorway was constructed of a lightweight aluminum outlined with flexible LED neon rope light, marking the entry to the common living area.

The second piece of this crazy install was an eight foot tall illuminated sound wall clad with “retro” boom boxes. Again, using a lightweight aluminum interior framework, we mounted seventeen 80’s and early 90’s style “boom boxes” to the face of a translucent white acrylic box. Our music wall was operated by a Spotify playlist on an iPad, also mounted to the front face of the acrylic box, that worked in sync with the LED system inside the box to change the color of the lights, matching the pace and beat of the music on the playlist.

And last but certainly not least was the flip room where we literally built an entire dorm room on the ceiling. In preparation for the actual installation we constructed an exact replica of the architectural floor plan in our shop so we could pre-fit each piece in place and test the mechanics of the inverted hardware before we showed up in Boston to place it in the newly constructed welcome center.

Without a doubt this was one of my favorite projects in a long time! Everything about this project was unconventional and challenged each of us to invent new ways of seeing each problem as an opportunity to do something really unique and great!