E J Davis Aesthetics

Being Illuminated

“Being Illuminated” was a public art installation on the Yale West campus to celebrate New Haven City Wide Open Studios in 2018.

The 10’ sculpture was fabricated with a weather proof aluminum frame and a sign grade acrylic sheeting. Weather proof LED lights rotate between colors allowing the color changes to reflect off the smaller aluminum figures in all directions.

Statement of Artistic Intent:

We are what we see. In our world of 24 hour news and constant information, it’s easy to lose sight of how or influences and information streams affect our perspectives. Are we often told how to feel, what to think, how to dress, act speak and so on…so we become a reflection of the information and environments we absorb through experience. 

As individuals trying to navigate this human experience, it is our choice to either follow the overwhelming array of bright shining lights we see all around us... or choose follow our own inner light and move forward with intention.

This piece is currently available for sale or lease and includes custom installation.


Being Illuminated